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What is the main feature of a modern country house?

Modern country houses differ from classical approaches to design and construction in that they strive to create a harmonious unity with the surrounding nature while being sensitive to environmental aspects.

It's important to note a few key features that set modern suburban homes apart.

Connection with nature:

Modern country houses focus on creating harmony with the surrounding nature. This is achieved by maximizing the use of natural light and visual contact with nature through large panoramic windows and glazed walls. The house becomes part of the surrounding landscape, which creates a sense of unity with nature.

Environmental sustainability:

Modern country houses actively use environmentally friendly materials and technologies to reduce the negative impact on the environment. This may include the use of renewable energy sources, water treatment and recovery systems, and resource conservation.

Accounting for the uniqueness of the site:

When designing a modern country house, all the features of the site are taken into account: relief, presence of trees, landscape features, etc. This helps to integrate the house into the surrounding nature and preserve its unique features.

Openness and spaciousness:

Modern country houses are characterized by an open layout and large open spaces, which helps to create a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. Large areas of glazing blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior, making the house even more spacious and luminous.

In general, modern country houses strive not only to provide comfort and functionality, but also to create a unique space that promotes harmony with nature and care for the environment. It is a place where a person can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature, being in harmony with himself and the world around him.

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